How Does Influencer Marketing Help SEO?
How Does Influencer Marketing Help SEO?

How Does Influencer Marketing Help SEO?

Influencer marketing can impact both on and off-site SEO. Utilizing influencers in your marketing strategy benefits your site’s engagement, ranking in the SERPs through a natural off-site strategy and ensuring customers trust your brand. Here are a few elements of Search Engine Optimization that can highly benefit from the use of influencer marketing.

1. Growing Backlinks

The quality of your link profile significantly impacts your search engine ranking. Your link profile comprises backlinks and internal links alike. Google has repeatedly stated that the quality and authority of sites that link to your site are among the top search engine ranking factors. You’ll need to earn links from high-authority domains relevant to your website, but that’s as simple as it sounds. Working with influencers or, even better, an influencer marketing agency, is an excellent way to generate better backlinks for your website. And having better backlinks will further improve your site ranking. 

There are several ways you can expand your digital reach using influencer marketing and SEO. You can work with influential bloggers or influencers on their websites, and when the influencers make content and link to you, this generates a high-quality backlink for your site. When an influencer features your product or brand on their social platform, they help create better backlinks for your website and more traffic to your brand, leading to more authority.

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When you guest post on an influencer’s site, the influencer will usually let you include a small bio about yourself, including a link back to your site. These guest posts can have several flow-on benefits.

  1. The influencer has more readers than you do. If your article is interesting and helpful to them, not just a puff story promoting your business, a percentage of the influencer’s fan base is likely to follow the link in your bio to look at your site.
  2. Influencers create content around your brand and include your website’s link allowing others to share your link on their platforms, thus creating a domino effect of engagement.

More user engagement means more exposure, leading to higher authority brands adding your link to their site. Additionally, an influencer sharing your link increases your chances of having other people share the link. And influencers sharing the content = increasing popularity, meaning there’s a chance for higher-authority domains to pick up on your site. Bottom line, influencer marketing boosts your SEO strategy by building a quality link profile.¬†

2. Influencers Create User-Centric Content

Creating new content ideas isn’t easy, even for the most experienced writers and marketers. Utilizing influencer marketing puts businesses in touch with users whose sole purpose is to produce compelling, shareable content. In some cases, influencers also motivate your target audience to use a branded hashtag unique to your business – meaning the number of user-generated content increases, giving a higher level of awareness about your brand.

Influencers also use your brand’s keywords when posting their content, which helps associate your brand name with characteristic phrases helping build recognition. 

Providing influencers with a handful of longtail keywords further down the sales funnel will increase the business’s chance of obtaining qualified clientele. But what are longtail keywords?

What are longtail keywords?

Longtail keywords are terms that have a lower search volume monthly but are less competitive. For example, a short-tail keyword is “travel discounts,” and the longtail keyword would be “summer travel deals in Austin, Texas.”

Why use longtail keywords for SEO?

Even though longtail keywords have low search volumes, they allow you to bring high-quality traffic focused on your users. 

For example, if you are a cycling company, you want to find influencers who frequently talk about “red road bikes with dual suspension” rather than “red road bikes.” 

Longtail keyword research and content strategy are of the utmost importance to any SEO plan. Integrating longtail keywords can increase marketing efforts and attract qualified traffic from visitors ready to convert to a sale. 

Every industry will be different (because search behavior varies across industries), so while there are best practices, evaluating what is best for your target audience is the key to success. 

Some influencers will also use a technique to encourage their followers by creating their own content but linking it with a specified hashtag. A hashtag can be sorted, or you can utilize a long tail keyword as a hashtag. This user-generated content keeps your brand’s name out, which will help SEO by increasing the search volume of your branded keywords.

3. User Engaging Content

A study from Ad Week revealed that users trust influencers almost as much as their friends. When you work with influencers to grow your brand, you add credibility to your content by sharing brand messages through a trusted source.

Influencers generally have a considerable following, ensuring an interested and active audience – This allows companies to reach a niche audience already interested in their industry (with a reasonably low opportunity cost).

Using their high followers = significant reach, automatically improving your business’s visibility when they share your content. Your content reach becomes much more expansive, which improves your chances of attracting potential users. More website traffic = higher rankings in search engines, coupled with a robust SEO-optimized website, creating significant returns for your website. 

Creating awareness about your business or product through an influencer improves your chances of gaining the trust of their existing followers. These followers automatically engage with your company and create a chain reaction where they share your content.

4. How Does Influencer Marketing Support SEO?

Evergreen content helps SEO Because it provides quality keywords. Using influencers and SEO, brands can come together to produce evergreen content with long-lasting SEO results.

So how do brands leverage influencers for evergreen SEO content benefits?

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The more influencers you have associated with your campaign, the more content you have that helps secure more references to your company. It also helps if influencers with considerable, active social followings promote your brand – keeping content unique and exciting draws new audiences.


Working with influencers whose audiences are your target clients means their content is a credible endorsement of your brand. Creating content that leads their audience to your products or services elevates your rankings in the search results.


As mentioned above, when your content is widely shared, impressions and brand recognition will grow. In turn, it will continue to pay dividends after the campaign has been completed.

These are some of the most significant impacts of influencer marketing on your SEO. There could be many less perceptible ways influencers boost your SEO efforts. But by increasing your search engine rankings with the help of influencers, your business will have a healthy and effective way to grow your digital reach.

But don’t rush in trying to build relationships overnight. It takes time to build relationships, just as it takes time to improve your Google rankings. Working with an influencer marketing agency and an SEO agency will ensure your content is shared with your target audience and your business achieves. Tangible, measured results. Working with the right influencer marketing and SEO agency that deeply understands what drives consumers means your business will have winning strategies to help achieve your company’s goals. In an increasingly digitized world, a well-executed online marketing strategy is the key to success for entrepreneurs and businesses.

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