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Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Rosé?

Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Rosé?

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Rosé. Yes there is a season exclusively dedicated to rosé drinking… as the sun starts shining and the temperature rises above 65. What was once ostracized as being extremely fruity, cherry hued zinfandel is now associated with super light, bright, dry wine identifying with the infamous Cote de Provence style. There is no better feeling than being around friends and sipping rosé in the sunshine, on a beach or on vacation. It feels like at that moment all of our troubles have gone out the window. #roséseason is here to stay.

“White Girl Rosé” seemed to have solved everyone’s problems as the temporary fix, having been born out of this very rosé shortage pandemic. Needless to say, it seems like the world is back on track as in 2019, it was reported that rosé consumption totaled 23.5 million hectoliters, according to rosewinsworldtracking.com.  With trending hashtags on IG, to rosé themed coffee table books and rosé inspired cocktails (frosé anyone?), it is quite apparent that the rosé phenomenon isn’t going anywhere and everyone is still completely obsessed with it. Which begs the question, why is everyone so obsessed with rosé?

It’s more than a drink; it’s a persona, an alter-ego, a lifestyle.

With cheeky new rosé brands, celebrity backing from the likes of Jon Bon Jovi (Hampton Water), Jolie-Pitt (Miraval) to name a few, and canned rosés on the rise making it easily accessible to enjoy rosé on the go, rosé has captured the hearts of the millennial market at lightning speed. Now when we walk into our local wine shops there are beautifully colored peachy pink bottles displayed in a corner labeled “Your Summer Rosé Selections” or “Rose Season’s Bests!” It’s what consumers crave and channels a certain relaxed luxury lifestyle that’s just attainable enough once you have that first sip

From the gorgeous pink cocktail table book “Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rosé” by the triple threat Victoria James, Court Master Sommelier, partner/Beverage Director at New York’s Michelin-starred Cote restaurant and author, “For me, no other wine embodies the joie de vivre like rosé. There is nothing daunting about pink wine. It does not force you to recall complicated French classifications put in place during the 1800s or rules governing vineyard management.”

In a more practical sense, rosé comes at a great value. They are super affordable and of great quality. Not all are created equal, but there are a lot out there.  Rosé is also extremely versatile when it comes to food. You can enjoy it on it’s own or pair it with light summer salads, grilled seafood, or even with a steak and pomme frites. The Cote de Provence style that everyone is obsessed with is extremely light so it will tend to keep everyone’s palate happy making it the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

marketing, there is a real feeling here. We love it and we drink it because it makes us happy and it’s an all around vibe. An let’s be honest… who doesn’t want to #roséallday with your bffs in the hot summer sun?

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