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Grande Dames of Instagram

Advanced Style may have opened the door to the over-60 sartorial world, but it’s equally true that these chameleonic, vibrant women have been daring individuals long before this age of @ everything. And as their lively Instagram feeds suggest, they’re entirely up to speed.

Here, five women you don’t know yet, and the style lessons we’ve learned from each.

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Bill Cunningham counted her among his muses, which really is all that needs to be said.
Style advice: Hats—turbans, cloches, toques, tam-o’-shanters—are an absolute nonnegotiable.
Location: New York, NY

Followers: 21.9k


The pace of Lyn Slater’s life only revs up as time passes. She’s balancing a career as a law professor at Fordham with extracurricular classes in design at FIT, and running her two-year-old blog Accidental Icon. Her brain is a Rolodex for unique shops and Japanese designers, and, yes, we want to be her when we grow up.

Style advice: When it rains, wear all black.

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 46.6k


After fleeing her hometown of Bondi, Australia, at 18, Jenny Kee grew up—and into a total fashion icon—in London in the mid-‘60s. She eventually moved to New York, where she crossed paths with Bill Cunningham, who didn’t miss anyone worth photographing; he snapped the designer in 1991. Her shop, Flamingo Park, may not be operating, but her buoyant and bold designs are still for sale, and they are something. else.

Style advice: Treat your hair as part of your “uniform” and don’t change your hairstyle.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Followers: 18.1k


Jean and Valerie may be fixtures on New York’s East Side streets, but they are, by their own admission, “setting a bad example for older women everywhere.” And clearly having the best time doing it. Who doesn’t want a partner in crime who supports your exuberant style evolution throughout the years?

Style advice: Choose fabrics that feel right for you. (You’ll rarely see the pair in heavy leather, for instance.)

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 16.7k


We enjoyed reading the Yelp reviews of Colleen’s store, Re-Deux, almost as much as we enjoy her opulence and grace. (That hair!) We especially loved this quote of hers: “[Dressing up] allows me my very first ‘hello’ of the day, one which I would hope might be accepting, welcoming, and comfortable. I really do try to make an effort on behalf of myself as well as others. This, for me is a sign of civility and respect toward those I will see or encounter.” (Thanks to Beautiful Savage for the interview.)

Style advice: Surround yourself with friends who appreciate your you-ness. And document the impeccably stylish get-togethers.

Location: Rancho Mirage, CA

Followers: 4710


A signature Jenny Kee merino cardigan with the original JK portrait logo—a limited-edition run of 50.

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