Art Basel Miami 2016 - collectors, artists, insiders and more

Art Basel In Your Pocket

In case you haven’t heard, this weekend is Art Basel Miami Beach. Arguably one of the world’s rowdiest art shows. For the past 13 years “it-kids” and art collectors alike pack their bags and head to Miami. The weekend is chock-full of swanky parties; but equally its filled with amazing art that collectors hope to snatch up and send home as souvenirs. To give you the perspective of the gallerinas and “arties” who are truly there for the art, we’ve rounded up five bonafide insiders on the ground with the buzziest work, emerging talent, and behind the scenes shot-callers.

It’s basically like you’re there.


The exec director of the Art Production Fund was basically born into her area of expertise—her father was one of Warhol’s crew, so it makes sense her interest lies in supporting unconventional and public art. So far, her time in Miami has been a mix of appreciating both large-scale street sculpture and cozy dinners with her fellow gallerists.


Neither a dealer or collector, Heirston is an advisor whose job is to help private clients (with bank accounts old and new) grow their collections. She’s a numbers wiz and an encyclopedia on what’s selling where, to whom and for what. As her posts indicate, she has a knack for being at the coolest places at the right time.


Just last night, the choreographer partnered up with R&B musician @devhynes for the Pérez Art Museum on a raucous, neon-lit performance that had us thankful Instagram allows for video posts. It was a great introduction to his bold, social style.


What a job—Kim manages the online community for The Met and has brought her laidback (yet expertly informed) manner to a very refined world. Her take on Basel is equally friendly and fun.


One of the world’s most impressive private art collections is, presciently and conveniently, located in the Wynwood section of Miami. It’s generously open to the public, but if you can’t make it this weekend, their feed is a great glimpse of Miami’s permanent art scene.

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