The 5 Best Healthy Recipe Instagram Accounts

5 Best Healthy Recipe Instagram Accounts

It’s time to celebrate the first day of Spring, and if you aren’t yet indulging in warmer-weather, lighter-longer daydreams, you might lean into the idea of jump-starting your tastebuds with new healthy recipes. Optimism is habit-forming and contagious (call Science), and it can start with simple things: bright colors, fresh fruit, accomplishing a simple task, and ingesting some vitamins.

One way to tick all three of those boxes at once is to make something beautiful to eat. Challenge the intimidation factor of the perfectly plated veggie bowl—just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s hard, or expensive, to make. Browse these clean-eating feeds, put just five things on your grocery list, stick to the outer aisles, and feel better by tomorrow.

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Ksenia’s branding chops are killer. As in, her blog’s called Breakfast Criminals for a reason—she’s unrepentingly committed to starting the day right. She’s said the focus isn’t about making pretty meals at the busiest, most rushed time of day. It’s about setting yourself up for success, and breakfast is just one manifestation of that. Her recipes and ideas work their way, a few ingredients at a time, through the healthier corners of a grocery store—the produce aisles, mostly—but seem, at least, pretty speedy to make.

Location: New York, NY

Followers: 73.2k


There are actual photos of filled grocery carts. There is no excuse.

But for context: Le is a mom-of-two runner, nutrition expert, author, and—if her captions are any indicator—a genuinely happy person. But it’s no accident: she works for it by sticking to simple, repeatable routines, and is encouraging her followers to do the same.

Location: Houston, TX

Followers: 47.8k


The majority of virtuously healthy foodstagrams take one shape: a bowl layered with bright stuff. Anything different can seem even more complex, and anything simpler—like, say, a sandwich—seems impossible to be healthy and interesting. Emily dispels all of those assumptions.

Location: Tampa, FL

Followers: 16.3k


What would happen if tonight or any other night you have the time and money, you were to buy four ingredients (Brussels sprouts, walnuts, chicken, cranberries) and make yourself dinner in 20 minutes? Maybe nothing. Or maybe it would ignite some sense of self-sufficiency, and you’d go to bed earlier and wake up rested. It’s true that the kitchen isn’t the only pitstop in this nurse-marathon-runner’s path to wellness, but it can’t hurt.

Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

Followers: 45.1k


Alexandra Tallulah’s dish ideas exist as much as complete recipes as they do building blocks—they’re so chock-full of ingredients that they almost dare you to take a few things away. Will that kale, farro, cabbage, hemp salad thing be just as good if you can’t track down all the parts? We really think it would.

Location: Washington D.C.

Followers: 67.6k


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