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The Top 8 Euphoria Season 2 Stars According to Instagram

The Top 8 Euphoria Season 2 Stars According to Instagram

It’s no secret that Euphoria is most literally, taking over the internet – and for good reason. The exhibition of Gen-Z culture (yet reveled by any generation) is a testament to the times, and also to its media: each character’s rising presence on Instagram, coinciding with season 2 of the show’s plot. Interesting, or simply inevitable? Let’s take it from the top with a list of Euphoria’s rising stars in order of who has grown the most since the premier of Season 2… 

1.  Fezco: Angus Cloud | 152.25% Growth Rate

Fez’ role in the iconic show has taken a leap this season, with the infatuation of Lexi and all. A real page turner, if this were a book. But we’re more keen on the IG analytics – which are strikingly representative of Fez’ rise to new insta-fame heights over the past 5 weeks. His top performing content of the moment? A Euphoria season 2 premiere drop, with over 3.3M views – with 152.25% follower growth, let’s go, Fez.

2.  Lexi: Maude Apatow | 134.81% Growth Rate

In true Euphoria fashion – where there is Fez, there is Lexi – and therefore the actresses’ growth on insta is no surprise as season 2 takes a multitude of twists. Our favorite girl with next-door energy has seen a massive expansion in her audience of 2.34M followers, and a 134.81% growth on IG (!!!) With a cheeky twitter bio like, “Maude Apatow is addicted to technology, even though she knows it’s destroying her” we rest our case – the girl just gets it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

3. Cassie: Sydney Sweeney | 78.63% Growth Rate

Whether or not you’re obsessed with Sydney Sweeney’s Cassie; the pin-up aesthetic, and emotionally lost legend of the show – you have surely seen the sweet blonde’s tear streaked face across insta as one of the most popular memes of 2022. Although the cast member has seen a growth of 78.63% on her account since season 2 launch, her content streams have been consistent – including a mix of editorial fashion, travel, and iconic renditions of some of our favorite vintage pics (the one of Cassie and Lexi as Sofia Loren and Jayne Mansfield takes the cake!)

4. Maddy: Alexa Demie | 60.96% Growth Rate

Similar to her season 1 lover, Maddy’s insta is amongst the most low-key of the cast, featuring only 22 in-feed posts yet still seeing a growth rate of 60.96%. Played by Alexis Demie, the actress’ content is confident and chic, just like her on-air counterpart. It’s no wonder her insta audience is nearing 8 million…

5. Kat: Barbie Ferreira | 54.81 Growth Rate

The HAIR. The NAILS. The COSMO COVER?! It feels like only a few scrolls back that Barbie Ferreira turned from supermodel activist to the show’s cult classic superstar, reaching over 4.8M followers on Instagram to date and growing at a rate of 54.81% since season 2. From her character’s demeanor as the fiercely confident Kat discovering her identity through erotic experiences, to a very much real life brand ambassador role with YSL Beauty this past week…Barbie is anything but plastic, and we can’t wait to see what’s next in her repertoire. 

6. Jules: Hunter Schaefer | 42.29% Growth Rate

Hunter Shaefer a.k.a our favorite bold-hair, badass chick on the show has always been a haven for original, thumb stopping content – like her edgy comics, acrylic paintings, and unparalleled blend of sequins and sweats as her signature style. With the heat rising in season 2, so has Jules’ growth on the platform – like growing at a rate of 42.29% with an audience of over 6.0M.

7.  Nate: Jacob Elordi | 10.16% Growth Rate

Remember that totally hot, totally unexpected cover of Jacob Elordi on Man About Town wearing a drop earring in 2021? Us too. Character Nate’s insta feed includes a round up of some of his best work – GQ covers, Euphoria teasers, you know… just everyday activities. Although with his current role in season 2, most of the eyes (and double taps) have been seen across his cast-mates, his 10.16% growth on Instagram is landing him with an audience of 12.30M followers. The loyally obsessed 12ish million of us are still here though, anticipating the star’s next move in cinema, style or otherwise.

8. Rue: Zendaya | 4.7% Growth Rate

Perhaps the most noteworthy character of all – our narrator and north star, Rue a.k.a Zendaya. Despite the artist’s lead role in Euphoria, the true triple threat (she sings! she dances! she models!) and Emmy-award winning actress posts more than BTS looks of her vanity chair at the latest Vogue shoot (although we are #blessed to consume that content, as well.) Zendaya has leveraged her platform in a powerful and positive way, advocating for Black rights, political justice and more. Her in-feed posts range from a glimpse into her reality, to educational posts about current events in culture and reform that go beyond entertainment, and take us to a whole new level of growth within ourselves.

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