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Destination Holiday: Instagram as Travel Agent

Not so surprisingly, studies have shown that social media influences our decision making when it comes to travel plans. For those looking to rack up #vacation photo likes, the best bet is to follow the already Instagram savvy.

While there are opportunities to plan trips based on site specific insta pics at travel agencies in Scotland, or to take advantage of Instagram Butlers along #instatrails in the Maldives, this holiday travel season we are going all in and heading straight to the source for picture perfect holiday destinations: mega influencers.

Providing photo after photo of carefully pre-selected gramworthy getaways, it’s hard to go wrong with these ladies as pseudo social travel agents. Scroll on through their Christmas 2016 posts and start booking your 2017 adventures abroad. Bon voyage!

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Leonie Hanne, blogging at Ohh Couture

✈️ Destination: San Blas Islands Panama
πŸ“ Location: Germany | πŸ“Š  Followers: 1,444,655


Tessa Barton, blogging at By Tezza

✈️ Destination: Salt Lake City, Utah
πŸ“ Location: New York, NY | πŸ“Š  Followers: 246,722


Danielle Bernstein, blogging at We Wore What

✈️ Destination: The Cape, Mexico
πŸ“ Location: New York, NY | πŸ“Š  Followers: 1,728,404


Julia Engel, blogging at Gal Meets Glam 

✈️ Destination: Sullivans Island
πŸ“ Location: San Francisco, CA | πŸ“Š  Followers: 1,173,665


Kiersten “Kiki” Rich, blogging at The Blonde Abroad

✈️ Destination: Disneyland #thehappiestplaceonearth
πŸ“ Location: San Diego, CA | πŸ“Š  Followers: 1,173,665


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