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5 Self-Care Gurus You Need Now

Donating, deleting, calling, volunteering, creating, sending—ideas abound for taking action right now. There hasn’t been much talk, though, of the importance of self-care as it pertains to surviving exhausting times, and we don’t mean just politically (though, duh): the expectations for a fresh-start January suck! No matter what you’re fighting—politics, a cold, life—it’s best, if you have the time and space to think about this stuff, to take care of yourself, too.

Now, disclaimer: there’s an unfortunate case to be made that wellness is a luxury predicated upon other luxuries: time, money, headspace. We believe in it, as a lifelong pursuit that can mean even the tiniest cost-free changes. So we’re sharing five self-care gurus to take cues from right now (and all year long).

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Kumi Sawyers is inspired by the ocean (perhaps a metaphor for finding peace in something unpredictable?) Her photos and captions are a reminder to stop for a second and take a deep breath, wherever you may be. We’re hanging onto this: “Fear is a natural part of change, but don’t let it win.”

Studio: Sky Ting

Followers: 2,075


Khajak Keledjian, the founder of high-end boutique chain Intermix, has opened a 5,000-square-foot mindfulness center in New York, but it’s distinct from the other of-the-moment meditation spots in a few ways. First, one of the main rooms rotates through artists’ installations. Second, it’s genuinely come-as-you-are, with classes ranging from a half-hour to 88 minutes.

Studio: Inscape Life

Followers: 2,304


There’s only one full-spectrum sauna in New York, but it’s launched a full-blown trend. HigherDOSE promises “effort-free” exercise through 40-minute sessions in rooms and pods with penetrative infrared rays. Even if you don’t burn the supposed 600 calories per hour, you’ll probably sweat out more toxins than through normal cardio.

Studio: HigherDOSE

Followers: 8,511


Lauren Duhamel preaches a pretty sustainable doctrine: live, lift, love, lengthen, longevity, low-impact. Emphasizing those last two virtues, she trains her students to build lasting habits at a pace that’s right for them. She’s also an experimenter, turning us onto workouts like Holy Water, a brand-new concept from David Barton Gym (RIP).

Studio: modelFIT 

Followers: 11.6k


The old school boxing workout is made more fun, but no less effective, by Amanda Kloots who leads classes in dance and movement-based exercise. If you follow @SomethingNavy, you’ve no doubt seen their dance parties

Studio: Studio B

Followers: 4,213


A natural face oil that keeps selling out from Drunk Elephant, one of the fastest-growing companies in Sephora’s history. (The founder credits word-of-mouth marketing—and the simple “we’re trustworthy” message.)

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