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International Men of Style

With Halloween on the horizon, the subject of costumes has been on everyone’s lips. Equally interesting to us is perhaps the opposite of a costume: the uniform. Men are known for having mastered this, and while stylish women attract street style photographers for their variety, gentlemen are praised for their respect style same-ness, hitting upon their sartorial recipes. It means something different everywhere you go, so we’re looking at five guys doing their own thing globally.

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Amidst a sea of neutral minimalist, Trevor’s closet telegraphs his appreciation for global patterns and technique. While most style guys on this list roll solo (or so it would seem), Trevor keeps a crew of his own. Strength (and style) in numbers. And frankly, we’d wager he has the most fun.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Followers: 76.5k


A running theme among high-minded men is that they’re asked, or compelled, to open a shop—purportedly to make their way of living a little more accessible to the masses. Martin’s uniquely lived-in home shots certainly fit the bill of a world we wouldn’t mind inhabiting, especially because he hasn’t scrubbed it of personality or color.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Followers: 33.5k


At just 30 years old, Thibault De Schepper’s living a thoughtfully artful life that we can’t help but admire. Even his notebook scribbles command a quiet admiration. His shop Essentiel Antwerp acts as an extension of his home, both hyper-organized and with as much attention to what’s not there as what is. Also, holy handsome.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Followers: 9040


From this feed, you learn an awful lot about the stylish man behind it—except for his name and what he looks like. He’s mastered the art of the anonymous overshare, which has the effect of making anything personal feel like a surprise.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Followers: 6287


That dreamy bubblegum pink hue is everywhere right now, and one of our favorite placements is on Fredrik Risvik. It’s certainly not the only thing to love about his same-thing-everyday style uniform, but it speaks to his playful open mindedness.

Location: Stavanger, Norway

Followers: 101k



Weighty yet springy nailclippers from Japan, a country known for refinding everyday objects with efficient design.

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