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The Best Mezcal of 2021

The Best Mezcal of 2021

ICYMI – Tequila has a smoky sister, and her name is Mezcal. If you’ve never had a mezcal margarita, or sipped slowly on a spirit that takes 8 to 12 years (!!!) to mature before hitting your lips – you’re missing out. The sultry flavor of “campfire tequila” is dare we say, the perfect winter cocktail base. So, before you read any further, grab yourself a glass for a roundup of The Best Mezcal of 2021 – trust us, the juice is worth the (lime) squeeze. 

Madre | @madremezcal

As the name lends on, Madre Mezcal is a family business, born & distilled in the Oaxacan Sierra region of Mexico (Fun Fact: 85% of Mezcal brands derive from this region!) This spirit is smokey & sweet, with a fun Instagram presence – follow along their variety of brand partnerships and giveaways, and you may just win yourself a taste.

Bozal | @bozalmezcal

You may recognize the Bozal brand from its beautifully crafted bottles – think blue, yellow & umber ceramics – or perhaps for its recipe pairings on a bright and buzzing Instagram feed. With nearly 20 different options to choose from, shop Bozal with your next jalapeno taco or as the guest to impress at your holiday party.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal | @thelostexplorermezcal

The Lost Explorer brand ethos is as strong as its Mezcal spirits: a complex combination of patience, nature in its truest form, & the sustainability of Mexican heritage and beyond. Discover more about Mezcal’s history, distilled agriculture in Mexico, and a delicious cocktail recipe called “La Catrina Negra”. Cheers to that.

Gem & Bolt | @gemandbolt

With a “celebration is ceremony” mentality, Gem & Bolt have mastered the appeal of a silky smooth Mezcal and brand purpose at once: art, plants & wellness. The brand’s millennial-driven aesthetic and attention to detail (just sneak a peek at the flask’s packaging) speak to a generation of once-tequila-drinkers in college, but now elevated spirit enthusiasts at heart. Consider it a homecoming for your palette. 

Agua Magica | @aguamagicamezcal

With a hashtag like #MagicWater on Insta, you can say we were intrigued. The Agua Magica brand of Mezcal is unique in its approach to crafting & marketing its elusive spirit – but then again, the bottle was featured in Vogue Mexico just this summer, making an Oaxacan staple a global phenomenon. Sip in style. 

Mezcal Ojo de Tigre | @mezcalojodetigre

This Artesenal Mezcal is widely renowned as best-in-class; developed by famous actor @luisgerardomendez, recently noted for his role throughout the seasons of hit-series Narcos Mexico. Although the flavor & branding of this Mezcal rein supreme, it’s a chilled can of the company’s Mezcal Hard Seltzer that does it for us (nail polish emoji)

Mezcal El Silencio | @elsilencio

Find us a premium Mezcal more chic & discreet than Mezcal El Silencio… we’ll wait 😉 This spirit is designed for the Mixologist at heart; the person whose bar cart is their favorite piece of furniture and who is looking to get behind-the-scenes of each brand they consume. Simply scroll through the brand’s sensual Insta feed for a peek into the top-shelf aesthetics of what an agave plant really looks like, as well as cocktail recipes du jour. 

Lethal Mezcal | @lethalmezcal

Tried, true & tried again – if you’re not new to Mezcal, chances are you’ve danced a time or two with Lethal. True to the spirit’s roots, the brand’s Maestro Mezcalero a.k.a the top-tier member who distills the mezcal – prides its product on a naturally sourced agave, carefully curated batches, & of course, its iconic Aztec warrior label on every bottle. Serve warm & sip slow, if you dare…

Like most things in life, a lavish Mezcal takes time. Good thing we did the dirty work for you, and shared our favorites of the season! So whether you are a first-time sipper or an aficionado of the festive spirit, there is a cocktail for every occasion – and we’ll meet you at the bar.

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