The Top Amazon Fashion Influencers on TikTok
The Top Amazon Fashion Influencers on TikTok in 2022

The Top Amazon Fashion Influencers on TikTok in 2022

If there’s one thing we can all agree on about Gen Z, it’s that over-done and over-priced aint it. Which is why we’re not surprised to see that a new genre of fashion influencers is popping on TikTok: the Amazon fashion content creator. This stream of content speaks to all of us looking to upgrade our style, without upgrading the price – almost like modern day thrifting, if you will. Check out our favorite Amazon-inspired influencers and their unique ways of bringing luxe-looks for less, to the TikTok universe.


Lauren Wolfe has a knack for showcasing inexpensive style (from Amazon, duh) alongside other fashion hacks and lifestyle tips. Based in NYC, Lauren has carved a unique path for herself in the influencer space on TikTok, through her keen eye to find luxe looks for less. A total staple follow in the TikTok high-low talent scene.


I mean – what is there not to love about Mei Mei?! We’re huge fans of her relatability on the platform, and how she takes her audience (like, all 2.2 million of us) through her journey as a more recent content creator in the fashion space in such an authentic way. From her mini-travel vlogs on the ‘Tok with her boyfriend, to attending ALL the Amazon events and sharing the deets, we’re in it for the long haul. No pun intended.


What we love about Emma’s TikTok is how she mixes both Amazon fashion AND Amazon interior design inspo. Emma shows us how to style the latest drops she finds on Prime, as well as outfit picks from Amazon for all types of special occasions, like events and holidays. Her beauty content is also a fun series to tune into, especially when she takes us through a day-in-the-life at her favorite salons in Dallas 🙂


Makho is a media personality-turned-TikTok guru through her focus on hosting Amazon’s Live Segments on the platform. By transitioning from her previous roles as a host on the Today Show, Nick Cannon & Wendy Williams, Makho is able to reach a whole new audience in a fresh way – through relatable fashion, beauty and mindfulness that her audience can be inspired by.


Kristine’s energy on her profile is super vibrant, positive, and always body inclusive when trying and showing stylish looks. She often posts Amazon try-on clips and shopping hauls for plus-size women, giving transparency to an industry that for so long felt very exclusive around body image. We love her content around re-creating celebrity looks for different sizes, letting TikTok choose her outfit, and rating Amazon’s ‘top choice’ fashion for Plus Size women, all on her own. We’ll be taking her Amazon reccos from here on out, thank you. 


If you’re looking for an ultra chic take on lower priced looks from Amazon and other online stores, look no further than Veronika’s TikTok. The cali-based, digital fashion icon takes her audience through the whole styling process – from un-boxing, to trying on and provides her honest POV on whether or not a look is worth it. Originality and authenticity are two values we can always get behind, and Veronika has both.


Take it from Trey’s TikTok bio, which reads: “I help guys look and smell their best.” – the man does just that. In an effort to help men style themselves and create an elevated look on a budget, Trey uses Amazon as a resource for quick and efficient fashion finds that his highly engaged followers can appreciate. Along with his “ways to pose” tips for guys on the ‘gram – thank you, Trey!


There’s just something so fun and fresh about Samira’s content! As a bride-to-be, her audience is taken along for the ride of what it’s like prepping for such a major fashion moment like a wedding, but also tips for the bridal party and other holiday-like occasions [check out her Superbowl & summer vacay looks, too!] The best part? Samira throws together these outfits using her favorite pieces from – you guessed it – Amazon Prime. 


Teresa’s TikTok is the style & decor 2022 blog of our dreams, made in a few minutes or less for our consuming pleasure. What’s special about Teresa’s feed is not only the content, but also the way she edits her cover photos to be consistent with her personal brand across social, and are aesthetically pleasing. If you’re seeking the latest in well designed gadgets, home products and even last minute gifts – Teresa’s Amazon shop is where it’s at.


Heather is the ultimate babe on a budget; she prioritizes looking good while spending less, and is such a hit in the Amazon fashion community on TikTok, too. With a combination of luxe looks for less, with juicy posts featuring her latest drugstore beauty finds and GRWM tutorials with TONS of fun lipstick reviews, we can’t help but scroll to Heather’s feed for a mid-day pick me up… when a new tube of lipstick is far out of reach. 

Needless to say, Amazon influence is real – and we’re so here for it! The high-low fashion scene has always been a hot topic in editorial and on social, but with the quick and transparent nature of TikTok paired with the same velocity of Amazon powerhouse itself, we hope the trend of looking like you just got back from a #hotgirlwalk for less than a pair of Manolos is here to stay.

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