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A Day on Instagram: NYC Food

So you’re in New York, visiting or as a local. Where should you eat this coming weekend to ensure you end it more Instagrammable and well-fed than you started? Here, the most beautiful and of-the-moment places to visit, from Saturday to Sunday morning.

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The Morning Coffee: Three Seat Espresso

Twelve Chairs. Two Hands. Three Seat. Australian coffee shops seem adherent to a certain naming convention, but also a freshness in the form of creamy coffee and a plant-focused menu. (Not all cafes are Australian, though: if you’re uptown, swing by Blank Slate for a similarly recommendable experience.)

Location: East Village

Followers: 1,063


The Lunch Stop: L’Estudio and O Cafe

Get seated by the host, order his or her recommended South American-style dishes, then purchase the ceramic plates you ate off of. Such are the divergent but connected experiences available at O Cafe and the adjacent creative L’Estudio (where much of the plates are kilned).

Location: Chinatown

Followers: 1,366


The Dinner Spot: While We Were Young

There’s room for a little bit of everything current, from juicy pink cocktails topped with actual whole flowers to pink and blue velvet. It feels like drinking inside a cloud of cotton candy, or a Lisa Frank wet dream—the bachelorette party of restaurants.

Location: West Village
Followers: 3,108


The Late-Night Drink: Flower Shop

The salve for those disinterested in the New York club scene, Flower Shop is a hybridized sports bar and grandmother’s basement (and restaurant, pool hall, curiously-beautiful-person-gathering) type of watering hole.

Location: Lower East Side

Followers: 1,961


The Morning-After: Cafe Medi

If the food sucks—and it doesn’t—there’s always the wall tiling and drench of sun. Take in a downtown morning by strolling to Banter, yet another Aussie-born cafe too cute for its own good.

Location: Lower East Side

Followers: 6,248


The Anticipated: The Mess NYC

The restauratuer of Red Farm and sister restaurant Decoy is cooking up a new mess hall-style spot, set to open, well, any day now. Sasha Bikoff has designed an opulent den of a thing—for now, it’s glimpsed only from those attending friends and family tastings like this.

Location: Union Square

Followers: 66


Cult-in-the-making sunglasses with anti-reflective coating inside so you can Instagram your heart away sans phone glare.

Backstory: Ahlem Manai-Platt’s design bonafides include Miu Miu and Acne, so you’ll get that Garrett Leight vibe minus the ubiquity.

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