7 Inspiring Women in STEM On Instagram - Social Studies

7 Inspiring Women in STEM On Instagram –

Do you want to grow as a woman in STEM? Maybe as a developer? The first step is getting involved in the tech community. Meeting, mingling, and following coders who motivate you will help you set yourself up to continue growing, learning new ideas and relevant industry trends.

Conferences can be a great way to network, but it isn’t always possible to attend in-person events (especially in a COVID-19 world). Social media, on the other hand, is free, easy, and instantly available. These 30 female- identifying developers will make the best additions to your social media feed. Female-identifying technologists are forging a path for thousands of women in the tech industry and dropping some hard-earned knowledge along the way.

Last year we highlighted female-identifying entering the male-dominated STEM and coding worlds as a growing industry trend. Now, after over a year of tracking these talented individuals and surfacing a new batch on social media, we can confidently confirm the massive growth on their accounts and the increased interest brands have in collaborating with them. Check out the seven brilliant women literally “writing” the future.

📓Occupation: Google alum-turned-YouTuber
📈YoY Growth: +18.8K followers

📓Occupation: Full Stack Developer 
📈YoY Growth: +10,591 followers 

📓Occupation: Astrophysicist
📈YoY Growth: +11.4K followers

📓Occupation: Data Scientist
📈YoY Growth: +15.5K followers

📓Occupation: Web Developer 
📈Followers: 25.8K

📓Occupation: Technology Consultant
📈Followers: 24.9K

📓Occupation: Software Engineer 
📈Followers: 19.7K

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